JCPH Canvas Onboarding

All students taking their first course in JCPH are registered for the required training in Canvas called “JCPH Canvas Onboarding.” Canvas is the web-based platform through which our online course materials are delivered.

Purpose: This training introduces students to the Canvas online learning experience at JCPH. Whether our courses are delivered online, virtually, in a hybrid format, or in-person, they all feature online learning components provided on Canvas. The JCPH Canvas Onboarding consists of two modules: Canvas Essentials and Online Learning at JCPH.

Navigation & Access: The JCPH Canvas Onboarding is available on-demand, 24/7, and can be completed within 3 hours. It does not need to be completed in one session.

  • We recommend that you confirm your access to the Canvas site as soon as possible. Contact our Educational Technology support if you encounter problems. You may not have access to this onboarding course until you are registered for your first academic course at JCPH.
  • Once logged into your Canvas homepage, click the textbook icon on the left to display your enrolled courses (screenshot below).
  • Then, select the “JCPH Canvas Onboarding” course. 
  • Click on “Modules” in the course navigation to display the training content.

Module 1: Canvas Essentials – In this module, you will learn how to configure your Canvas preferences, navigate Canvas, and use essential learning tools provided for you on a Canvas course site.

Module 2: Online Learning at JCPH – Whether you are taking a completely online asynchronous, virtual synchronous, hybrid, or in-person course at JCPH, you will utilize Canvas resources of various kinds. This module takes you through the structure of a standard online course, introducing you to frequently encountered online components such as: discussion forums, assignment dropboxes, tools for academic writing, and specialized tools for online research, among other resources.