Graduate Policies

Schedule Changes

Schedule changes, including changing sections, adding/dropping courses, auditing a course, independent study, course-by-appointment, or changing a course from graded to credit/non-credit (undergraduate only) must be made by the “last day to add” deadline as indicated on the current Academic Calendar for your College/program. Students may drop a course with no notation on the transcript if the drop is completed before “last day to drop without ‘W’ grade” deadline on the Academic Calendar.

Specific deadlines for dropping special accelerated courses or summer session courses are published on the current Academic Calendar for your College/program.

Undergraduate students may not drop or withdraw from fundamentals courses, specifically Math 099, without prior approval from the Assistant Director of Math Services.

It is the students’ responsibility to consult with their advisors on how course registration changes will affect their progress toward degree completion.  Additionally, prior to changing their schedules, students receiving financial assistance should consult with the University Office of Financial Aid to determine what effect the change may have on their eligibility for aid or deferments on payment of student loans.

Matriculated students are not permitted to drop all courses in a term without obtaining an approved Leave of Absence or withdrawing from their College.

Students who stop attending classes without filing the required paperwork will be responsible for the full payment of tuition and will receive a grade of F for the course. Verbal notification to the course instructor does not constitute an official course drop.