Undergraduate Policies

Audit Course

A student who wishes to attend a course regularly but does not wish to receive credit for the course may request permission to audit from the Manager of Academic Operations of the college in which the course is offered. The Manager of Academic Operations will, in turn, obtain permission from the faculty member.

Students are expected to meet the requirements for auditors, which are established by the faculty member teaching the course. Following the completion of the course, the faculty member will determine whether these requirements have been satisfied, and, if so, the notation of “AU” will be posted on the transcript. Students who have been academically dismissed from the University, who have not been accepted for re-entry, may not audit courses.

Tuition and fees to audit the course are the same as those when taking the course for credit.

Students must register for an audit course the same way they would for any other. In addition, they must complete the “Request for Permission to Audit a Course” form requesting permission to audit, and submit the signed form to the Registrar before the “last day to add” (see Academic Calendar). At that time, the decision becomes final. Form available on the Registrar’s website.

  • Audit courses cannot be applied toward degree requirements.