Undergraduate Policies

Repeating a Course

Students who fail a required course must repeat the same course during the next term in which it is offered if the course is the only course that will satisfy the requirement or if they seek to have the failing grade replaced in GPA on the transcript. (The original grade for the attempted course is not removed front the transcript.)

  • A student will be permitted to enroll in a course for a second time without conditions, regardless of the grade earned in the course previously
  • A student who has failed a course twice will be permitted to re-enroll for a course for a third time when he/she presents the University Registrar with written approval from their advisor
  • A student who has passed a class twice and seeks to take it a third time for any reason will need to complete the “Repeating a Course” form and get the appropriate signatures to be allowed to enroll for the course. Appropriate forms for approval are available online on the Registrar’s webpage.
  • When a course is repeated, the original grade will remain on the transcript, but it will be removed from the calculation of the grade point average. The new grade will enter into the calculation of the grade point average, even if it is lower than the grade originally earned. (Jefferson College of Nursing will include both original and repeated course grades in GPA, see JCN Handbook)
  • Grades of “NC” or “AUDIT” will not replace a former grade in a repeated course.
  • A course failed in a Traditional Undergraduate Program may not be repeated at another institution without prior written approval. See the “Permission to Take Courses at Another Institution” form on the Academic Success website.
  • The most recent grade earned is also the one applied to graduation requirements, even if it is lower than the original grade. Any successfully completed course can be applied to graduation requirements only once, no matter how many times it may be taken and passed.