Undergraduate Policies

Re-Entry to Traditional Undergraduate Program

A student who seeks to re-enter as a traditional undergraduate student must submit a Re-entry Application to the Office of Admissions. A student who seeks to re-enter as an accelerated-program student must submit a Continuing Studies Application form to the School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Students who have enrolled at another college or university since their departure from Thomas Jefferson University must present official transcripts from those schools directly to the Admissions Office for consideration in re-entry.

Upon receiving their re-entry letter, students must meet with the director of the Academic Success Center (day division students) or the director of Student Services in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies (evening students) prior to registering for class.

The Student Experience Committee will review any applications for re-entry from students who were not in good standing (less than 2.00 GPA or not met 75% of credits attempted) when they withdrew or were dismissed from Thomas Jefferson University. During the academic year, the Committee meets only once a month, so students should allow adequate time for processing. The subcommittee will also consider applications for re-entry for the fall semester during late May, so students seeking to be evaluated during this summer meeting should submit their requests for re-admission no later than May 15. The Student Experience Committee must approve any application for re-entry before a student, not in good standing, is allowed to register for additional courses at the University. The student is placed on probation during the first term of re-entry.