Undergraduate Policies


Credit/No Credit

Applicable to undergraduate programs on East Falls campus. Contact Program Director to determine if this policy applies to your program.

The “Credit/No Credit” (CR/NC) grading option is available to encourage students to enrich their academic experience and explore more challenging courses outside their chosen field of study. Full‐time students who have earned 30 or more credits and are in good academic standing may take one elective course CR/NC each semester. Part‐time students who have completed a minimum of 30 credits may take one elective course CR/NC for each additional set of 12 credits of coursework. Students are permitted to take a maximum of five* elective courses during their enrollment in a bachelor’s degree program on a CR/NC basis. Courses in which the program requirements dictate the CR/NC grading option for all students are not included in the semester or cumulative limit.

  • Courses in the major, minor, specialization, concentration, DEC core, or designated elective may not use the CR/NC grading option.
  • The following courses in the Hallmarks Core curriculum may not use the CR/NC grading option:  AVIS-101, WRIT-101, WRIT‐201/202, CGIS‐300, PHIL‐499

To obtain credit, students must earn a “C” or better in the course (Effective January 1, 2019). The final grade in the course will not affect the student’s GPA, except in certain cases where the CR/NC option is used to repeat a course. The course credits earned with a “CR” will be applied toward the total credits required for graduation, whereas a course receiving a “NC” will negatively affect the student’s completion rate.

Students may elect to take a course on a CR/NC basis by submitting the appropriate form, to the Office of the Registrar no later than the “last day to withdraw as set forth in the Academic Calendar **

Students should consult with their academic advisor and the Office of the Registrar to determine whether taking a course CR/NC is an advisable choice.

The CR/NC policy does not apply to students who are in Continuing and Professional Studies programs or in an Associate Degree program.

See “Repeating Courses,” and “Schedule Changes”

Amendments - Effective Spring Semester, 2020-2021 Forward

* The maximum number of courses allowed to be declared CR/NC has increased from four to five courses. This cap does NOT include courses taken as CR/NC during the Spring 2020 semester.

**Last day to declare CR/NC was moved from last day of Add to last day of Withdraw as stated in the academic calendar.  No course can revert back to letter grade after last day to Withdraw.