Undergraduate Policies

Fundamental Courses

Fundamentals of College Mathematics, MATH-099 is offered by the University.

  • Placement into Fundamentals of College Mathematics is determined by SAT scores, and for Math, a self-screening trigonometry questionnaire.
  • For purposes of calculating the student’s course load, this course counts as three credit hours. However, it will not count as credits toward graduation, and it may not be used to satisfy the residency requirement or for use as a free elective.
  • Students must complete this course within three semesters of matriculation.
  • Students must earn a “C” (2.00) or better to receive credit for this course. Students who earn less than a grade of “C” must repeat that course in the next semester in which it is offered. Grades in Fundamentals courses enter into the calculation of a student’s grade point average.
  • Students who are required to take Fundamentals of College Mathematics must pass that course before taking any other mathematics course and certain science courses.
  • Students may not withdraw from a Fundamentals course. The director of the Academic Success Center must approve any exceptions in writing.