Undergraduate Policies


Attendance is expected in all classes for which a student is registered. The instructor, in conjunction with the academic program/department, determines attendance requirements for each course. These requirements along with the objectives and the anticipated outcomes of the course shall be clearly outlined by the instructor at the beginning of each course.

A student who is not on the official class roster (signaling they are not registered for the course) cannot attend or participate in the class, regardless if the student is taking the course for credit or audit. Any student who is not on the class roster has until the listed deadline on the academic calendar to “add a class” to register. Students cannot attend a class while attempting to resolve the issue that is preventing registration.

A student who is non-compliant with the Flu Vaccination Policy may not attend class or clinical rotations.

Additionally, students who are non-compliant with pre-matriculation or annual maintenance requirements are prohibited from participating in clinical rotations and may be prohibited from attending class.