Undergraduate Policies

Tuition Charges Across Programs

I. Policy Statement

This policy is in accordance with Thomas Jefferson University’s Mission of serving as a “university with preeminence in transdisciplinary” education. The purpose of this policy is to facilitate and promote the ability of students to take courses in other programs, colleges and campuses, outside of their specified academic program, within Thomas Jefferson University thereby broadening the breadth of their educational experience and enhancing their “transdisciplinary” sophistication.

Students will be allowed to take courses outside of their prescribed curriculum only if:

  1. The selected course is open to students outside of the discipline.
  2. The student has completed all course pre-requisite requirements, as approved by the course instructor.
  3. The course does not conflict with requirement(s) within their specified program; and
  4. The student has received advisor approval if:
  • The student is an undergraduate and is taking more than 18.5 credits
  • The student is an undergraduate or graduate student and the course is expected to meet an elective or other program requirement; and/or
  • The College has a policy that advisor approval is required for all courses taken outside of the program.

II. Scope

This policy applies to all full-time, part-time, matriculated and non-matriculated students at Thomas Jefferson University.

Students taking courses outside of their major should consult with the Financial Aid Office to determine eligibility for funding to cover the costs of the course.

III. Components

  1. Students Paying Full-time Comprehensive Tuition

    Undergraduate and Graduate Students who are paying full-time comprehensive tuition at Thomas Jefferson University will incur additional tuition charges only if:
  • Their total credit load exceeds 21.5 credits; or
  • Their total credit load is more than 6 credits above the prescribed maximum course load of their program.
  1. Students Paying Tuition on a Per Credit Basis

    Students who are enrolled part-time and students who are classified as full-time and paying the per-credit charge for each course for which they are registered will pay the applicable per-credit charge associated with the specific course in which they are enrolling in other programs, colleges and campuses within Thomas Jefferson University.
  2. Course Related Fees
  • Students will be responsible for any course related fees.