Undergraduate Policies

Courses by Appointment

The intended course-by-appointment must currently exist in the University catalog, i.e. course number and course name already have been created by the Registrar. All prerequisites for the existing course must have been met prior to the CBA.

A written proposal detailing how the existing syllabus will be modified to allow equivalent classroom experiences during the term must be attached to the required approval form. This form is obtained online at the University Registrar’s website and, if approved, the student must submit the form to the Registrar before the “last day to add” deadline (see Academic Calendar). Further details are provided on the form.

Students may also be permitted to take CBA for an existing catalog course that anticipates low enrollment. In such cases the University Registrar lists such courses on the master schedule without indicating days or times. The assigned faculty member subsequently contacts all students who register, and a mutually convenient day and time is established. The completed form with the required signatures will be submitted to the manager of academic operations of the college in which the course is given, and must be presented to the Registrar before the “last day to add” deadline.

The University reserves the right to identify courses that may not be taken by appointment regardless of scheduling conflict or anticipated date of graduation.

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