Undergraduate Policies




This policy provides guidelines for earning an undergraduate minor on the East Falls campus of Thomas Jefferson University.


A minor is a secondary area of specialization within an undergraduate degree consisting of a set of approved courses within a designated area of studies.

Custom Minor is a thematic grouping of at least four courses from any of the Colleges and consisting of courses found in the current university catalog. At least six credits toward the custom minor must be completed in residence. A maximum of three credits may be delivered as Independent Study or Course-by-Appointment.

Hallmarks Core is a carefully designed sequence of courses that all undergraduate students complete, in all academic majors. See Hallmarks Core Sequence


Undergraduate students on the East Falls campus who have earned at least 30 credits may pursue a minor while enrolled in a major. A minor consists of a specific set of courses from the approved list of minors. Declaring a minor requires specific and identified process and assistance from the student’s Academic Advisor. A minor can enhance a student’s chosen major or explore additional areas of interest.  Earned minor(s) are identified on a student’s transcript.


This policy is applicable to matriculated undergraduate students on East Falls campus who have completed 30 semester hours of their major and prior to earning their undergraduate degree or transferring to another campus.


  • After completion of 30 semester credits toward their major a student, with the support from the Academic Advisor may declare a minor.
  • A minor may not be in the same area of studies as a student’s declared major.
  • Courses encompassing a minor must be unique to the major, i.e. a student may not count a major required course as counting toward a minor.
  • A maximum of six credits may be transferred from another academic institution toward a minor.
  • If a minor has prerequisite courses, those courses must be completed prior to taking the course.
  • Courses taken to fulfil requirements in the Hallmarks Core cannot be applied to a minor; students may however, select another approved Hallmarks course to satisfy the Hallmarks requirement if necessary.
  • A student may only use the same course for credit in the General Elective and minor areas if their major does not require a minor. If a student’s major requires a minor, that student cannot use the same course for the General Elective and minor areas.
  • A student may withdraw from a minor at any time prior to completion of undergraduate degree by notifying the Registrar’s office via their student email that they no longer wish to pursue the minor
  • A minor must be completed prior to earning of the undergraduate major
  • A minor must be completed while the student is on the East Falls campus, prior to transferring to any other Thomas Jefferson University campus

Steps to Declare a Minor

  1. Select minor among options identified in the University Catalog
  2. Download “Declaring a Minor” form from the Academic Success Center website 
  3. Complete form and gain approval from Academic Advisor
  4. Take completed form to Registrar’s Office for processing and retain a copy for your record
  5. Complete courses and continue to consult with Academic Advisor throughout pursuit and earning of minor