Undergraduate Policies


The title of Valedictorian is conferred upon an (East Falls) undergraduate student within the graduating class who has achieved the highest academic excellence. Each year, Thomas Jefferson University selects one Valedictorian. The following selection criteria should be followed when choosing the Valedictorian:

  •  Highest GPA in the graduating class.
  •  All credits completed at Thomas Jefferson University.

In the event of a “tie,” the following factors may be considered by the Provost in the selection of a Valedictorian:

  •  Participation in the Honors Program.
  • Availability to participate in commencement activities.
  • Amount and quality of transfer credit (if the highest-ranking students all carry transfer credit).
  •  Number of courses repeated.
  • Number of credits earned by examination, as well as level of achievement on such credits.

This policy does not apply to Continuing and Professional Studies students.