Undergraduate Policies

Human Subjects Policy

Faculty, staff and students at Thomas Jefferson University are occasionally involved in the conduct of research involving human subjects. Any research conducted under the auspices of Thomas Jefferson University must protect the rights of human subjects and requires approval from the University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). An IRB is a committee of peers that examines human-subjects research proposed by Thomas Jefferson University faculty or students for ethical concerns and determines: 1) the rights and welfare of the individual or individuals involved; 2) the appropriateness of the methods used to secure informed consent; and 3) the risks and benefits of the investigation. The IRB approves, denies or recommends changes to the proposed research to assure the protection of the rights of human subjects.

The policies and procedures associated with the review and approval of research involving human subjects at Thomas Jefferson University are established to be consistent with current federal guidelines. For more information visit the Office of Human Research site.