Undergraduate Policies

Credit for Prior Learning

Thomas Jefferson University awards academic credit for previous learning accomplished through academic, military, competency testing, and learning experiences resulting from non-traditional college classroom settings. It is important to note that Thomas Jefferson University awards credits based upon the level of learning achieved during these experiences, not for simply participating in these non-traditional learning experiences. Credit for Prior Learning may be earned for achieving an appropriate level of knowledge from courses approved for credit from other institutions, Advanced Placement Tests (AP), International Baccalaureate Exams (IB), the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), military coursework evaluated by ACE, DANTES Subject Tests (DSST), Thomas Jefferson University challenge exams, and for the School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS), learning from prior life and work experience if presented in a competency level learning portfolio. (Please see the SCPS Student Handbook).

Limits to awarding Credit for Prior Learning are described by the followingThe credit must be applicable to the student’s program of study

  1. Credit for a course currently in progress or duplicate credit for a course already awarded through other methods will not be permitte
  2. Prior Learning credits will not be awarded for any course failed at Thomas Jefferson University
  3. Credits for Prior Learning do not count toward the minimum number of credits in residence required for a Thomas Jefferson University degree, 60 credits, nor to the minimum requirement of 12 credits in the major, and 6 credits in the College Studies core or 9 credits in the Hallmarks core.
  4. Students may be required to provide artifacts such as design work, final papers, academic portfolios, or other evidence of achievement in order to be eligible to receive credit.
  5. Residency requirements for the School of Continuing and Professional Studies differ. (Please see the SCPS Student Handbook)
  6. Prior Learning Credits in the major will only be awarded for courses for which Thomas Jefferson University maintains a program of study or significant coursework in a subject area constituting a specialization, cluster, minor, or concentration in the University’s curricula. Free elective credits may be awarded for courses taken elsewhere that fit no Thomas Jefferson University major.
  7. Credit for CLEP exams taken after matriculation in the traditional day program will not be awarded. The School of Continuing and Professional Studies will consider CLEP exams taken after matriculation for credit.

Like transfer credit equivalencies, Credit for Prior Learning means that Thomas Jefferson University will award credit for knowledge and competency in certain areas, not grades. Credit will never be awarded for the same learning experience twice. Transcripts of Credit for Prior Learning will list credit for equivalent coursework, not a grade for that work.

Joint Services Transcripts, ACE transcripts, and official score reports for AP, CLEP, and IB exams, and all ACE recommended equivalencies should be sent to the Undergraduate Admissions office. The University will not honor requests for Credit for Prior Learning if receipt of final official transcripts, portfolio review materials, and official test score notifications arrive at Admissions after the last day to ADD a course during the student’s second semester of enrollment.

School of Continuing & Professional Studies (SCPS) Policy:  refer to School handbook for guidelines on this policy.

See Also: ACE, AP; CLEP; DSST; Military Evaluations; Transfer Credit