Undergraduate Policies

Academic Advising

Thomas Jefferson University’s academic-advising model supports students throughout their academic careers at the University. Academic Advisors assist students in developing suitable educational plans, understanding program requirements, policies and resources, evaluating their academic progress, and clarifying realistic life and career goals.

Advising for first-year students (freshmen and new transfer students) and students who have not declared their majors is provided at the Academic Success Center. Faculty Advisors in the Academic Success Center actively reach out to their advisees in order to assist them in their academic life. First-year students may meet with ANY first-year advisor at the Academic Success Center on a drop-in basis Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. All first-year students MUST meet with a first-year advisor before November of their first semester for assistance with Pre-registration for spring.

Other advising services for all students in the Academic Success Center include assistance in understanding transfer credit evaluation, majors advising for students who have not declared a major or who are thinking of changing their major, change of major forms and other advising forms.

Upper-level students (sophomore through 5th year) who have declared their majors are assigned advisors in their colleges. These students are expected to assume increasing responsibility for their progress toward graduation. Students must contact their advisor to set up advising appointments at least twice during the academic year. They are expected to consult with their advisors concerning course registration for fall and spring semesters. While upper-level advisors are available to discuss program requirements and policies, emphasis is placed upon working with students to clarify their educational, personal and career goals.